Help File

    This is the first cut help file. E Mail additions, corrections and comments to <>.

    Start by registering and save your ID and password. If you can't do that, log on to the database using <Coveney> (remember initial cap!) as your ID and password.

    Explore what you want using the menu at the left. When you want to look for ancestors use either the <People> or <Families> choice. There are over thirty trees in the datrabase. If you start in <Person>, enter your search person in the <Modify..> section, leave <All Trees> and press <continue>. You will see a list of matching persons with the tree on which they are found and other detail.

    Pressing the <Test> icon (the right icon with a checkmark) will bring up that persons data on his tree. You can now click on anyone on the page shown as a link (Blue underlined) and go to his page, or click on one of the menu items along the top for his pedigree or descendants. You can, if registered and given permission, generate a GEDCOM from that person.

    If you have provided a GEDCOM you may edit the provided file, again following registration and permission.

    The <Report> writer is easy, and you may see any existing report by clicking the <test> icon. You may edit a new report, and save it if you wish.

    <Home> brings you to the database Home; <Family Home> brings you to the index page for <Coveney Families> and <Dick Home> brings you to my home page.

    The <Forum> is the place to enter and reply to queries. You need register there, and it's pretty self explanatory. For any of the other sections, e mail me additions, etc.

    I hope you will also join the Roots Coveney list. To do so send an e mail to; send mail to with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body. To join COVENEY-D, do the same thing with